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Juliet Bell ( Refresher Lesson) Oct 2014

Prior to meeting Mark I had a lesson with another instructor who made me feel inadequate with his patronising manner but Mark has a very friendly and encouraging personality and he was very calm and kept the atmosphere comfortable. I enjoyed the structured nature of the lesson; even though I was returning from driving after 2 years, it increased my confidence to start with simple manoeuvres before progressing further. It was very helpful to start driving again at an estate with fewer cars and wider roads. I only progressed when comfortable, and felt in complete control. . I felt that the lesson was comfortable enough to ensure that I enjoyed the experience, but also pushed my abilities so that I progressed.After feeling very nervous and uncomfortable driving, Mark put me at ease and I not only regained my confidence but enjoyed the experience towards the end of the lesson.Mark´s manner was not patronising, and instructions were given clearly and succinctly. I was not made to feel small when mistakes occurred. Thank you so much, I feel much more confident now and I´m so pleased to be enjoying driving again. I´m hiring a car in the hope that if I drive on the small roads to start with, it will be enough.

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