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Sarah Mills (September 2016)

" I really enjoyed my lessons, even the early ones where I didn´t know much about driving. I found the pace was perfect, I never felt out of my depth and you were always happy to take time to repeat things. I found that once I knew the controls and could do the basic making the car go forward, it didn´t feel like having lessons in the school sense but like driving round with a friend, obviously focusing on driving and learning stuff but also having a chat and feeling like it was a pleasant hour and a half. Throughout the course of my lessons I felt like I was learning something new each time, so no treading water or feeling like I just paid for the same lesson twice in a row. I also recall being very much the one to get to say when I was ready for the next thing, there was no pushing to do things before I felt ready but at the say time there was support when you could see I was ready to move on to, for example, bigger roads which then gave me confidence to do it.I would add I thought your pass plus day course was excellent. I really gained a lot by having the motorway driving in particular. It was a really well planned day and I feel a lot more confident about driving on motorways, dealing with busier traffic and slip roads. Obviously I will recommend you to anyone learning in the area, including outside my family!! "

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