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Alex Bridge - First lesson review on 9th August 2013

"I was feeling nervous before the lesson but everything was planned out correctly and properly structured so that I moved on in the right direction. As I got better and had more of an understanding what to do then I moved on to more difficult tasks.I always felt safe during the lesson and enjoyed learning the theory as well as all the practical driving experience of changing gear and steering. I never felt pressured and really looking forward to my next lesson."

Tom Lynch

"I was feeling a little nervous as it was my first time driving, but I found Mark to be a very calming influence and I soon calmed down! I found the lesson was well structured and I had a clear expectation of what I would be learning which was covered in a logical progression. I really enjoyed learning how to change gear and the excitement of driving on public roads for the first time and the whole experience was far easier than I was expecting thanks in a large part to Mark, who made me feel very much at ease and chose a very appropriate location for my first lesson. I´m now Looking forward to my 2nd lesson"

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