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Louise Sillis (refresher Lessons) Aug 2014

"Having dreaded the thought of driving again after such a long time away, I canít believe how quickly I´ve progressed. I really enjoy the lessons and feel fortunate to have found a really good instructor.I wanted a local instructor who was reasonably priced. I liked the website and the fact that you offer 1.5 hour lessons which are competitively priced. I needed to be viewed as an absolute beginner because it had been so long since I had driven and that the routes chosen have reflected that and that I have been encouraged to tackle more difficult routes as my experience progressed.I feel that I am being taught to drive and not simply to pass a driving test. I like the fact that you focus on safety and encourage me to come out of my comfort zone and tackle roads and situations that are likely to reflect my experience of driving long term. I like that you use diagrams to illustrate situations which helps me to remember them. I find that youíre calm and that I feel that I can ask questions if I feel theyíre rather stupid or obvious! I think thatís really important when learning to drive. I also think that the routes chosen have been well thought out and have allowed me to progress at a sensible rate. "

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